Pension and wage rise percentages versus set sums

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As seen on Channel 4 yesterday, once again Cameron did his propaganda piece towards the next election in May by telling an audience of older people at Age UK headquarters yesterday that the government will be giving pensioners a 2.5% rise in their pensions – Sounds terrific when not even many poorly paid workers can get a 1% increase. But people should realize that percentage rises create more inequality. 2.5% to a pensioner on anything from £100 to £148 a week will only bring in another £2.50 or £3.75 weekly at most – But 2.5% to those earning £1000 a week would get a £25 rise. Percentage increases widen the gap between the rich and the poor, especially with today’s cost of living and bills increasing by three times in the last year or so. Giving everyone a set sum increase would be much more preferable, so everyone gets the same set amount.

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