“Deep concern. . . . healing through investing. . . .we older people believe in the youth of today. . . .”

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  • At least £39m has been cut from London council youth services in the last seven years
  • Across 22 councils, 800 youth service full-time posts have been removed
  • An inquiry into the capital’s youth services found that 81 youth clubs and council youth projects have closed their doors since 2011
    There has been a 44% youth service budget cut since 2011, with an average council taking £1.5m out of youth services over this time

On Tuesday 8th May, five members of Islington Pensioners Forum went to the monthly meeting of the Tottenham and Wood Green Pensioners Action Group in the Tottenham Leisure Centre. The subject of the meeting was “the stabbings and shootings of young people”; there were at least 100 members of the Action Group in attendance, and the following notice had been circulated in advance:
“ The reason for this meeting is our deep concern that there is a growing problem of stabbings and shootings of young people in the country and not just in Haringey. We believe that our society needs healing through investing in youth services, education and social care, policing and mental health and providing support for vulnerable young people to deal with drugs, gangs, bullying and the fear culture. We want to create a more cohesive society that supports its youth and is inclusive, fully respecting diversity, gender and helping young people grow up in our great city. We older people believe in the youth of today! Our young people are the future; they have great promise and positive energy and we want to help young people to realise their full potential.”

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