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Jeremys priorities:

Pensioners can always call on Jeremy’s support
Pensioners in Islington know that they can always call on Jeremy to support them in their aims and activities. As President of the Islington Pensioners Forum and a keen speaker at many of their events, he is often heard repeating the call to restore the link between pensions and earnings.
Jeremy acknowledges the unique needs of pensioners and the elderly and continues to support the National Pensioners Convention which have held regular events in Parliament over the years.

Banking crisis met with swift response
The banking crisis of 2008 met with a swift response by the Labour Government, and by taking the banks into public ownership, many jobs were saved. We avoided a deep recession such as the one in the 1980s when the Tory Government slashed spending and cut services and jobs, resulting in millions being out of work. A whole generation of school and college leavers found themselves unemployed and deprived. Labour has managed to avoid this.

Young people have particular needs and more 16 and 17 yr olds are now in education and training than at any time before, whilst many are also in apprenticeships. Also, Labour has promised that everyone aged 18–24 will be guaranteed a job, training or work experience place if they are unemployed for more than six months.

Cuts in spending to health, education, housing, benefits and the police which the Tories are proposing, will damage us all.

This Government has provided additional money to Islington Council for distribution to help small and new businesses through these difficult times.

Making a difference to Housing

Housing is a basic need for everyone. Poor maintenance and overcrowding blight people’s lives.

The Labour Government introduced the Decent Homes Standard for all council and housing association properties, and paid for new windows, bathrooms, kitchens, roofs and communal areas. This has made a real difference, and at last affordable homes are being built for local people to rent.

With a Labour Government returned to office this programme will expand. Leaseholders are being offered a range of options to help with their bills, and to assist them when they wish to object to inappropriate management or service charges.

The National Health Service is our best asset
More money for hospitals, doctors and nurses; increased support for mental health, and an improvement in public health have all happened under Labour.
The Whittington Hospital is at the heart of our NHS and its new wing, A&E facilities and entrance show the NHS at its best, and must remain.

Education is vital
Labour’s “Building Schools for the Future” programme is visible in Islington:
• Every school in Islington now has more teachers, more support workers, more computers, better play spaces and better results than ten years ago.
• Our new Children’s Centres in every part of the borough are a boost for the life chances of every child, and provide huge possibilities for their parents and carers.
• Primary school children in Islington can now look forward to free healthy school lunches in view of the extension of the “free school meal” pilots to Islington. More students from the poorest families in society now enter higher education thanks to this Government;
“I am determined to see that all young people get the chance to go to college or university and make the best of their lives. I remain concerned about tuition fees which I voted against and will continue to support students’ needs at every opportunity. ”

Build on employment
Labour is determined: to maintain high levels of employment; ensure every school and college leaver gets a job or training; and help young people into work. Discrimination on gender, race, disability, sexuality, or age are always outlawed under a Labour Government, and agency workers now have new rights; everyone is entitled to the protection of the minimum wage and maternity/paternity leave is guaranteed. The way forward is to build on this, and not to go backwards with cuts, unemployment and reducing rights at work.

Our environment is precious
We cannot replace it when lost. We have done much to improve recycling rates, cut emissions and make our air cleaner. Locally we have the success of Gillespie Park Ecology Centre but we must continue to do more.
Environmentally friendly transport encourages people to leave their cars at home, and central Government’s support for the new East London Line and High Speed rail is paying off, as is the Congestion Charge.


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