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In this day and age we are being bombarded with phone and email scammers,who only have one thing on their mind. TO GET IN TO YOUR BANK DETAILS


Always be on guard when you get a call from someone you don’t know who is calling.

Here is a handy guide.


Think calmly about what you are being told, ask yourself if it makes sense. Don’t give out personal details. If it feels wrong, hang up.


Making a cup of tea is the perfect opportunity to get away from the phone, a pause and reflect on what to do next.


If the caller claimed to be from a company, call the official number ( not the number you were called by ) and ask whether they’ve called you. If they didn’t they can help report it.


Phishing emails are scams that will try and trick you into giving out personal or confidential information.

Don’t reply or open any attachments in any email claiming to be from bank or other companies you may use.

Bob Collins, Joint Chair

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